Involute’s (IITT) training design and delivery methodology support technical manpower perform at peak potential. We believe that learning is most effective in a relevant context so that the skills, strategy, and knowledge are meaningful to participants and can be applied directly. Our courses encompass real world challenge, tools, and processes into developing cases/exercises.


AT IITT we prepare the trainee to face the challenge of continuous improvement in productivity, safety and efficiency. Trainee is equipped to handle real life situations through a learning experience that focuses on:


The true value of training is demonstrated in the real working environment. Our training labs have been setup to simulate factory environment giving the trainee first hand feel of real-time production environment while undergoing training. The course modules are comprehensive and include a wide range of topics to ensure complete understanding.


Our content development team takes a role centric approach when designing the training content. The Training needs and objectives to be met, for each role are different. Our training takes this factor into consideration and aims to make the trainee ‘productive from day one’ (when he joins an organisation).


Our training is based on methods that engage people actively in the knowledge sessions and that give them hands on experience on industry grade machines and simulators . Almost 60% of our training content involves practical application and has been tailored for specific roles.


Our faculty is passionate about knowledge and skill transfer and are committed to continuous improvement in training methods. They bring real life experiences to the classroom as all our trainers are hand picked from the industry. Our trainees consistently rate our faculty as “Excellent” through third party feedback that our MIS team gathers on fortnightly basis.


Additional modules are incorporated to make the trainee a ‘professional’ through training in ‘life skills’. Training involves improving communication, preparing the trainee for onsite work, and instil values such as self-discipline and habits like cleanliness, savings, etc.

Some popular programs:

  • Multi Skill Technician
  • Assembly Fitting
  • Modular Operator
  • Automation with PLC